SPV solution for captive consumption in commercial building / Factory
SWELECT offers two types of Solution for Grid-tie captive power plant:
  • SPV Grid - Tie system
  • SPV Grid - Interactive system with Battery Backup
SWELECT SPV Grid-tie system available in the range of 3 kWp to 100 kWp and above. This type of grid-tie system can be installed on building roof and mainly help the client to reduce dependency on utility grid by producing clean energy from Solar SPV systemfor captive use. SWELECT Grid-tie systems available with high Performance Grid-tie Inverter with both Transformer and Transformer less Inverter technology (TL).

SWELECT Grid-Interactive system with battery backup is another type of system which can function as PV grid-tie Inverter under battery in full condition for captive use and also provide back up to the general load during utility grid fail or black out condition. SWELECT SPV Grid-Interactive system with battery is available in the range of 10 kWp to 100 kWp.

SWELECT Inverter system has the intelligence to start backupGenerator when grid is not available and battery storage is not enough to support the load. This type of solution helps the client reduce dependency on utility grid and also minimize the frequent use of back up diesel generators and helps them reducediesel fuel consumption during utility grid fail condition.

This system also has features for remote monitoring option to monitor the health of the system using GPRS/GSM network.