Energy Conservation & Audits
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Stop wasteful spending with an energy audit! An energy audit, or Building Performance Assessment, helps to make smart decisions about how to conserve the energy, and lower the utility bills of the facility. The first step in lowering the utility bills, an energy audit assesses energy consumption of the facility and how much is wasted due to lack of information & technology. With our energy audit services, we identify the opportunities to reduce the energy use and/or the operating cost of the facility. Furthermore, we help our client to design/retrofit sustainable buildings utilizing day-lighting control, LED lighting system etc. Whether it's a new construction, renovation, or retrofit, our audit reports provide the information to decide which of the recommended energy generation and conservation technologies can be implemented at the site.
Service Offerings
  • Fact finding analysis based on the historical energy usage
  • Analysing the operational characteristics of the building or process
  • Analysing key opportunities for energy conservations
  • Engineering analysis of potential recommendations
  • Prepare a priority ordered list of recommendations
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Report the results

We can provide different levels of solar and solar roofing analysis for a building, or group of buildings, or industrial processes. Our reports give more information about the facility that they can use for variety of purposes. Whether it's contemplating major energy-saving capital improvements or roof replacement, or new construction or renovation, we can evaluate and recommend a variety of solar measures to save energy and cut operating costs.