Solar PV Modules
HHV Solar ( offers a wide range of crystalline silicon solar PV modules, ideal for both off-grid and grid-connected systems:
  • With high-efficiency silicon cells
  • With both mono- and poly-crystalline solar cells
  • Optimum combination of high-quality raw materials and components
  • Ligh tweight anodised Aluminum frame
  • High reliability even when exposed to extreme weather condition.
  • Meets IEC and UL standards
  • Up to 400 watts

  • Grid-connected power plants
  • Solar street-lighting systems
  • Solar power packs
  • Other off-grid systems
  • Water pumping system

The 'Solarator', is a trailer-mounted, 600 watt capacity, solar photovoltaic power generator ideally suited for remote locations and as an emergency power source. The first such product developed in India, the big advantage of the Solarator is that it is a "green" power device.


Solar Carport
HHV SOLAR presents "Solar Carpot"
'Green clean energy to your car and to the grid'

"A state-of-the-art carpot with Innovative, attractive structural design equipped with micro inverters which is low on cost, easy to assemble and install. Ideal for domestic and commercial establishment parking arena."