Energy Efficient Lighting



  • Quiet and powerful fan with low power consumption
  • Bright LED light with tilting feature for book reading
  • AC and PV based charging gives mobility and flexibility
  • USB port for cell phone charging
  • Long back up helps in extended power cuts
  • Battery charging over a wide voltage range
  • Generator Compatibility

Models ELF6 ELF12
KVA 6 12




  • High Power LED design
  • Low temperature, Long life
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Constant current LED driver
  • No UV and heat radiation
  • Aluminium alloy heat sink structure
  • With PC optional lens
  • Good for 3 meter from floor to ceiling distance

T-Bar Models SS TBL 24 W SS TBL 36 W
Power Consumption 24W 36 W

Down light Models SS DL 9W SS DL 12W SS DL 15W SS DL 18W SS DL 21W
Power Consumption 9W 12W 15W 18W 21W

LED Tube Lights


  • Upto 60% energy saving as compared to conventional tubelight
  • No mercury content
  • Extended long life: > 50,000 burning hours
  • Optimum luminous flux even at high temperature
  • Humidity / Moisture resistant
  • Maximum light on working plane
  • Higher Co-efficient of utilisation
  • Withstand wide voltage fluctuations
  • Elegant and light weight
  • Cold Start Lighting System
  • Hum-free operation

Models SS –T82F9W SS –T82F11W SS –T82F16W SS –T84F21W SS –T52F8W SS –T54F21W
Power Consumption 9W 11W 16W 21W 8W 21W


LED Street Lights


  • Elegant Integrated Design Aluminum alloy case
  • Super bright LEDs
  • Every element can be easily replaced by users
  • Over 140 degree wide lightning angle
  • Support 3 nights lighting time
  • Easy to install

Models AIO 20 AIO 30
Power Consumption 15.38W 23W