Operation and Maintenance
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SWELECT’s Operation and Maintenance (O&M) is committed to provide flexible, integrated, dependable, cost effective and responsive solutions for the Operation and Maintenance requirements of SPV Solutions. O&M assessments shall be performed as a stand-alone activity that results in a set of O&M recommendations or as part of retro commissioning (a larger more holistic approach to improving existing-building performance).

We also offer customize level AMC (Annual Maintenance contract) as per customer requirement.

Service Offerings
    1. Preventive Maintenance
    • Routine inspection and servicing of equipment
    • Lowers the probability of unplanned PV system downtime

    2. Reactive Maintenance
    • Addresses the equipment breakdown after their occurrence, is instituted to mitigate unplanned downtime.
    • "Break-fix" approach, used mainly for lower upfront costs.

    3. Condition Based Maintenance
    • Uses real time data to prioritize and optimize maintenance and resources.
    • Offering increased efficiency.